How do i find out if my doctor accepts my insurance plan?

Log in to your insurance company's website for an up-to-date list of networks. To find a provider that accepts Medicare payments, use Medicare's Care Compare tool, gov. This tool provides you with a list of professionals or group offices in the specialty and geographical area you specify, along with detailed profiles, maps and directions for arriving by car. Medicaid programs vary from state to state, and each state Medicaid agency maintains its own list of professionals who accept Medicaid.

For more help, contact your health plan or your state's Medicaid agency. For more information on Medicaid, visit the Medicaid CHIP %26 page on Healthcare, gov. We'll provide you with personalized plan recommendations and highlight those that your doctors have contracts with. If you receive a surprise bill for an out-of-network consultation, there's a chance that the doctor simply included an incorrect location in the documentation.

There are other directories on MedlinePlus that will help you find health professionals, services and facilities, some of which can accept Medicare or Medicaid payments. On the other hand, if you're looking for a new provider, use the online directory to search for a doctor in your area who is in the network. A doctor network, often referred to as a provider network, is a list of hospitals, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers that a specific plan has contracted with, known as “in-network providers.” These plans also require that your primary care doctor (your primary care doctor) refer you if you want to see a specialist (such as a cardiologist). Not all doctors in a doctor's office accept the same insurance, so make sure you have the specific name of your health plan and the specific name of your doctor when you call.

Let's discuss these terms and address some other questions related to health insurance so you know how to find (or keep) a great doctor or other provider in the network. While doctor networks aren't always as simple as we'd like them to be, we've outlined three simple options you can use to make sure you see a network provider you like. However, some companies, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, will allow you to continue seeing your doctor under special circumstances (if you are in the second or third trimester of pregnancy, are being treated for a terminal illness, etc.). If you already have a doctor you like, you may be wondering how to find a plan that your doctor will follow.

Most health insurance companies have the “find your doctor” option on their website, which lists the doctors who are covered by each plan. In the “Doctors and Centers” section, select the “View Map” button to see the location of the doctors included in the plan. Let them know that you want to check if a provider is part of the network and tell them the specific name of the plan you are referring to and the doctor's tax identification number. If you recently lost your employer-sponsored health insurance and want to enroll in a new plan during the special enrollment period, it's always a good idea to make sure your doctor accepts your new plan before you enroll.

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