How do i know if my doctor is up-to-date on the latest medical treatments and technologies?

When you're faced with a difficult clinical question or need to confirm your approach, you can turn to UpToDate for reliable answers based on the latest evidence and.


knowledge doubles every few months.1 This pace of change, combined with the increasing complexity of patient cases, makes it impossible for any health professional to monitor and interpret all the latest evidence to make the most appropriate care decisions. You need a resource you can rely on at all times, even when you're dealing with those complex cases, because every decision counts and every patient matters. Your healthcare provider can also suggest ideal sources of online information.

If the doctor's office has a website, it can include a list of recommended links. Medical and healthcare organizations, hospitals, and academic medical institutions can also be reliable sources of health information. As a leader in digital health publications for more than 25 years, WebMD strives to maintain the most complete and reliable source of medical and health information on the Internet. Mobile medical applications (“apps”) are a type of software that you can install and run on your smartphone.

You might consider calling your doctor's office or health insurance company to give this information over the phone instead of providing it online. To obtain your medical record, you will need the full names, physical addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers or secure emails (for example, through your patient portal) of all the doctors and providers who send and receive your medical records. You may need to fill out a form called a medical or medical record disclosure form, or request access, send an email, or send a letter by mail or fax to your provider. Your provider's medical authorization request form (or “access request”) may be organized differently; there is no standard form, but these are the questions you are likely to receive.

UpToDate offers clinical solutions for medical professionals and interns, clinics and physician groups, hospitals and health systems, academic institutions, governments and the military, health companies and patients. Gov is a website of the NIH National Library of Medicine that provides reliable consumer health information on more than 1000 health-related topics.

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